Creating new pages is easy

The content management system easiness becomes evident with comparison very simple tasks, for example creating new pages to your website. If one system takes just two clicks and other wastes ten clicks for the very same task, choose first.

In some obsolete heavy-weight content management systems, the creation of new pages is real hassle; there are virtually thousand of not-so-necessary configurations you need to make before new page is created.


Fortunately, Ara Website content management system offers easy and straightforward way to create new pages with only two clicks. The dialog "Add new page" appears just under navigation menu and writing link name and saving new page is made really easy.


After creating of new page, there are additional dialogs to rename it’s link, move link upwards in relation of other links and write content for page. Easy page creation is based on fundamental idea of contextual editing system, which follows the same logic and layout, what is visible to all visitors of webpage. Well integrated editing system makes creating pages easier and certainly considerably faster.


Elimination of unnecessary configurations with moving them to optional dialogs, which are not visible all at once, creates cleaner working space, which is easier to learn. Since basic things are easier to do, editing of pages is also emotionally pleasant – there is less room for frustrating mistakes and troubling second-guessing.