Easy Web Design Layouts for Webpages

Ara content management system offers one click selection of different page layout types like basic text page, gallery format and news syndicate. You may also change page layout types after they are created.

Basic text page, called also "independent", consists text paragraphs, which are editable with text redactor. You may edit texts, apply bold, italic, underlined, colored background as well as pre-defined styles from styles drop-down menu. On the same page, you have chance to add illustrations and other file types to the text paragraphs.


Gallery format is meant for presenting many pictures in format, wich enables easy browsing and navigating between pictures. There is possible to upload pictures one by one, but also multiple files at once. All picture files are reduced automatically to the proper size for layout, also small thumbnails are generated automatically.


News syndicate page is great for creating page groups, which are regularly amended - some examples are press releases, news pages and also blog postings. News syndicate page lists all subpages chronologically, dialog for adding new news is on the end of syndicate page.


All three main page types have universal header format, their links appear also in navigation menu. There is possible to switch between different format by changing page type in "settings" dialog. For example, you may change independent page to gallery page.


There is also fourth type of format - news page. Their only difference from independent pages is, that they don't have independent links presented in navigation menu, instead they appear in the content column of news syndicate page.