How to Switch Hosting Providers

In case your web hosting needs have been changed over time or old website host doesn't just provide great hosting service any more, switching hosting provider may be just the right thing to do. It is important to take steps in proper order to be sure that you don't loose any valuable data.

Here is the checklist for switching hosting provider:

  1. Create new account with new web hosting company
  2. Copy your website files from old server and upload to new server
  3. Make adjustments in website configuration files when needed
  4. If website uses database, you need copy database tables too
  5. Create new e-mail accounts in new server, copy e-mails when needed
  6. After checking website integrity in new server redirect domain
  7. Cancel old web hosting account

Few more remarks about website configuring in new server. If you haven't made your website by yourself, you may need there some help. You may contact either with company which made your website or ask web hosting staff to do configurations for you. Most good web hosting providers offer moving your website to their server free of extra charge.


Changing of domain name server data will not take effect immediately. Usually it takes about 4 hours when changes are propogated around the net and domain will be associated with your new hosting server. If you have access to domain nameservers configuration, you may change them by yourself. Just find new server name servers names, they are usually in format and and associate them with your website domain in the domain management console.


In case you need to find better web hosting provider than your current one, we have some suggestions on web hosting top providers page.