Website Maintenance Service

Once website is set up, it needs updating, monitoring, backups and technical support to be accurate and express information up to date. Website maintenance service is important part of website services and is provided after website design and programming is done.

Emergence of modern content management systems has been reducing need for hire website maintenance firm for just updating text, uploading pictures or creating new pages - these are simple tasks, which may be done with content management system.


Broader evolvement of websites has been in direction of more autonomous functionalities of website maintenance so updating website texts and pictures become faster, cheaper and more convinient for website owner. There may be quite remarkable savings in upgrading your website content management system with newer one and doing website maintenance more by yourself. For better understanding how modern website maintenance tools work, please look closer our demo pages, which offer fully functional website examples to try out website content maintenance system.


There are some things what can't be done with website content management system. These updates are mostly related to updating visual design of website and programming new features for website. These works need professional software and professional skills. Most of the time it is cheaper to outsource few hours in each month than to hire full time professionals. Advantages of outsourcing is, that web maintenance company offers multiple professionals with just one contract, for example most of designers don't program and copiwriters can't do photo editing.  For regular updates in visual design and reprogramming website scripts it is wise to sign contract with web company like us. Please see website maintenance service offers and service terms. Basis for effective website maintenance if professional platform and modern design, for design examples and ordering please see our web design examples catalogue.


Third goup of website maintenance services are closely related to web hosting services. Maintaining website hosting server, taking care of operational software, updating server security systems and making backups is mostly done by website hosting provider. The quality of web hosting service determines how stable your website is and how well it is available to visitors.


We can safely say that better server uptimes, ergonomic control panels, fast databases, up-to-date operating systems, systematic backups and excellent support also make our everyday business of creating vibrant websites a lot easier. Here are some best web hosting providers, who we think are been providing reliable services to our clients. 


Packed with Extras

Our experience shows that iPage provides a reliable hosting service, and it includes all kind of extras – Website Building Software, Advertising Tools, Power Plugins, Multimedia Features and many useful E-Commerce tools. This host provides superior technical support and the domain is also included in their affordable price. But the most important thing is that iPage hosting panel is very easy to use even with your first websites. Read more about iPage host services here.


State of the Art Hosting

Web Hosting Company SiteGround has its sights set on the future: they have new server systems which work unbelievably fast. They have been our first choice for all the clients who need flawless and well-crafted functionalities. This hosting's modest price, $3.95, includes modern hosting panel, unlimited e-mail accounts, easy configuration of databases and domain registration. If you need flawless web hosting for your website,  take a closer look at SiteGround web hosting packages.


Reliable Web Hosting

One of the most reliable web hosting firms, InterServer is a premier web hosting provider located in New Jersey. If you're looking for quality services, safe and secure datacenters, reliable equipment, friendly support staff and high quality customer service, you will definitely love InterServer. They offer monthly payment option, 30 day money back guarantee, 99.5% uptime guarantee, 100% power guarantee, fast and easy setups, easy to use control panel choices devices. See more about Interserver web hosting offers.


Mac-style Web Hosting

Outstanding leader in design, LittleOak, is dedicated to Mac-style web hosting and is targeted to Apple fans. If you use the products of Mac, LittleOak is fully compatible and uses the same service logic as Mac operation systems. Similar logic really makes the managing of websites much more flawless. LittleOak staff consists of truly magnificent professionals, who admire Apple products. So, if you are a fan of Apple devices, this Mac-style web hosting is definitely for you.


Business Class Quality

It is our opinion that MyHosting offers solid platform for heavy web hosting duties because their state-of-art web servers are extremely durable. New Pentium Linux servers can host demanding business applications, web stores, database systems and other scalable corporate websites. Whenever you  need any help, professional North American staff provides timely support 24/7. Read more about MyHosting Business Class Web Hosting Services.


Udderly Fantastic Web Host

Obviously, FatCow company has a slightly different approach to energy consumption. If you look for extra safety and need reliable backups, this web host is definitely for you. The idea of running servers on ecological energy makes the world a much cleaner and better place to live in. FatCow offer a great customer service and their competent staff will help you out with  every possible web hosting question. See more on "Udderly fanctastic" FatCow Web Hosting Services.


For conclusion of website maintenance service, your running maintenance costs are cheaper, when your website has modern content management system, you outsource design and programming from our company and your website is hosted in good web hosting company.