Selecting best hosting company for web project

If you are planning to do any web projects, technical support quality is extremely important. Surely, the selection process may be quite difficult, if you don't have technical background. However, there are a few advises, which will make selection of best web hosting company a bit easier.

Reliability is most important factor when choosing server for your web project. If service brakes down and your website is not accessible, you are still paying for server and loosing your potential customers at same time. What is important, that your customers don't care about reasons, why your website is down, but it inevitably influences also reliability of your business brand image.


You may assess server capabilities by opening test site. There is also possible to hire expert to choose best server for your web project. Third option is to try find as much information about particular company as possible - web forums and social networks are good for background research. Surely, you need also check the background of published information to ensure that the suggestions of best web hosting companies are really given by experienced professionals.


In our 10 years of experience, good website hosting – better server uptimes, ergonomic control panels, up-to-date operating systems, systematic backups, fast databases and professional technical support – has also made our routine business of creating flawlessly working websites a lot easier.


Which parameters are important
Our clients keep asking us what parameters are most important. Our first suggestion has always been to consider your specific site needs – how much server space, bandwidth, domains, databases and e-mails do you actually need –, and after that decide which best web hosting companies' servers are most suitable for your needs. In order to make the selection process between different companies easier, take a closer look at the best web hosting companies sites featured. There you will find which parameters are the most important when choosing the server for your website.

In case you need to find better web hosting provider than your current one, we have some suggestions on web hosting top providers page.


iPage includes all kind of extras – Website Building Software, Advertising Tools, Power Plugins, Multimedia Features and many useful E-Commerce tools

Packed with Extras

We are been using iPage because they provide a reliable service, and it includes all kind of extras – Website Building Software, Advertising Tools, Power Plugins, Multimedia Features and many useful E-Commerce tools. Technical support is great and the domain is also included in the affordable price. But the most important thing is, that account panel is very easy to use even with your first websites. Read more about iPage quality services here.


JustHost is More Than Just a Host

Easily usable cPanel and very straight web hosting is why we like JustHost, reliable website hosting provider. They offer all you need for hosting any great website - domain name registration, site builder with templates, e-commerce shopping carts, instant setup and even $100 Google advertising account to bring massive traffic for your new website. If you are looking reliable hosting, read more about JustHost hosting provider here.


HostPapa Hosting

Many our clients use HostPapa, because it is one of the oldest and most reliable web hosting companies around. Great story is, that they are been developing their web hosting services since then and are offering drab and drop website builders and extremely user-friendly website hosting account management access. HostPapa is very good web hosting company, take a look about HostPapa website hosting services here.


Udderly Fantastic FatCow offers extra safety and reliable backups for safer outcome.

Udderly Fantastic Hosting

Obviously, FatCow business has a slightly different approach to energy consumption. If you look for extra safety and need reliable backups, this web site hosting company is definitely for you. The idea of running servers on green energy makes the world a much cleaner and better place. This quality web hosting company offers a great customer service and their competent staff will help you out with  every possible question. See more on "Udderly fanctastic" FatCow Services.


See Best 5 Web Hosting Providers and Get Good Site Host

State of the Art Servers

Server provider SiteGround has its sights set on the future: they have new server systems which work unbelievably fast. They have been our first choice for all the clients who need flawless and well-crafted functionalities. This company's modest price, $3.95, includes modern management panel, unlimited e-mail accounts, easy configuration of databases and domain registration. If you need flawless server for your website,  take a closer look at SiteGround packages.


Dreamhost is a Dream Hosting

Our experience shows that Dreamhost provides a excellent quality hosting service because they have very fast server hardware and SSD (solid state disks) for faster data handling. No wonder that their quality hosting is suggested also by PC Magazine's Business Choice Award team.  Read more why they are most reliable web hosting provider, beating out other top hosting companies. See more about DreamHost here.


InMotion Web Hosting

If you are great fan of open source website software, InMotion provides excellent hosting services for a web programs such as Wordpress, Drupal, Prestashop, Joomla & Gallery Scripts. Very fast data drives and web server software accelerators offer lightning fast experience for accomodating your website. Take a more detailed look of InMotion customer care and their investments in web hosting technology.