Simple web layouts for creating pages on the fly

Ara Website Solutions content management system offers many website layouts structures for presenting content in best possible framing; navigationally, ergonomically and visually most suitable way.

Araweb design offers many different website layouts for building goal oriented pages. There are few considerations, but most importantly, the content structure determines the most suitable website layout.


Independent pages

This type pages are best suited for content, which consists some text and illustrations and needs to be represented with link in main navigation menu. Independent pages may be handled independently, they don't need any other formats for navigation.


Gallery format

This is best for presenting mainly pictures, page layout consists back and forward buttons, there is possible to use shortcuts B - back and N - next for navigation between pictures. In administration side, there is possible to upload single pictures or multiple files at once. All pictures are processed to proper size for particular page dimentions, small thumbnails are generated automatically.


Gallery type pages may be linked to navigation menu independently. It is also possible to group many gallery pages with introduction page, which presents thumbnails of first picture from each gallery page.


Syndicates and news pages

For chronologically linking texts, like press releases, announcements, news or just simple blog postings, the syndicate format is the best. Syndicate has links of subpages listed in content column. The main difference of news page and independent page is how they are linked. News pages doesn't have independent links in main navigation menu, they appear with link only in content column of syndicate page, they are under of.