Website Quality Assurance

Checking website for possible display errors in different browsers, broken links, missing metadata (for example page titles and descriptions), erroneously lost pictures and videofiles, accessibility, errors in language and other elements, helps enchance website quality and influences directly visitors perception of overall message expressed through web pages.

While creating new website, the methodology of checking quality is often not focused. Perhaps most of the missing links and images will be detected but there are numerous elements which may be overlooked when checking website quality without proper checklist.


Website Quality Assurance has even more weights when planning update of existing website, specially large web portals with hundreds pages. One large group of problems is definitely involved missing content:

  • Broken links pointing to deleted pages
  • Deleted images, videos and all kind document files
  • Missing elements on pages, like titles, large headings etc.

Larger organisations have many editors updating website over time, so there may be inconsistency in checking cross-pages use of various content.


Another large group of quality problems are related with developing web environment and related technology. All web browsers are been issuing new versions, which handle web pages less or more differently. Web hosting providers update their server environment too - for example installing newer versions of php and updating server security related software.


Usually we test created websites with latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. Most issues arise when browser based scripting like javascript is used for arranging visual elements in websites. As web design company, we test our websites throughout. We may provide also quality check for websites, which are developed in another firms. This may give you additional confidence that your website works fine (or we point out issues, which need to be fixed and this makes your website better).


For server side technologies, there is always reasonable to choose good web hosting provider and you eliminate many potential problems before you even experience them. For saving our clients from hassle, we created list of best web hosting providers, which offer great service and it gives you additional guarantee, that your website works well.


Packed with Extras

Our experience shows that iPage provides a reliable hosting service, and it includes all kind of extras – Website Building Software, Advertising Tools, Power Plugins, Multimedia Features and many useful E-Commerce tools. This host provides superior technical support and the domain is also included in their affordable price. But the most important thing is that iPage hosting panel is very easy to use even with your first websites. Read more about iPage host services here.


State of the Art Hosting

Web Hosting Company SiteGround has its sights set on the future: they have new server systems which work unbelievably fast. They have been our first choice for all the clients who need flawless and well-crafted functionalities. This hosting's modest price, $3.95, includes modern hosting panel, unlimited e-mail accounts, easy configuration of databases and domain registration. If you need flawless web hosting for your website,  take a closer look at SiteGround web hosting packages.


Reliable Web Hosting

One of the most reliable web hosting firms, InterServer is a premier web hosting provider located in New Jersey. If you're looking for quality services, safe and secure datacenters, reliable equipment, friendly support staff and high quality customer service, you will definitely love InterServer. They offer monthly payment option, 30 day money back guarantee, 99.5% uptime guarantee, 100% power guarantee, fast and easy setups, easy to use control panel choices devices. See more about Interserver web hosting offers.


Mac-style Web Hosting

Outstanding leader in design, LittleOak, is dedicated to Mac-style web hosting and is targeted to Apple fans. If you use the products of Mac, LittleOak is fully compatible and uses the same service logic as Mac operation systems. Similar logic really makes the managing of websites much more flawless. LittleOak staff consists of truly magnificent professionals, who admire Apple products. So, if you are a fan of Apple devices, this Mac-style web hosting is definitely for you.


Business Class Quality

It is our opinion that MyHosting offers solid platform for heavy web hosting duties because their state-of-art web servers are extremely durable. New Pentium Linux servers can host demanding business applications, web stores, database systems and other scalable corporate websites. Whenever you  need any help, professional North American staff provides timely support 24/7. Read more about MyHosting Business Class Web Hosting Services.


Udderly Fantastic Web Host

Obviously, FatCow company has a slightly different approach to energy consumption. If you look for extra safety and need reliable backups, this web host is definitely for you. The idea of running servers on ecological energy makes the world a much cleaner and better place to live in. FatCow offer a great customer service and their competent staff will help you out with  every possible web hosting question. See more on "Udderly fanctastic" FatCow Web Hosting Services.


Larger websites need to be checked from time to time for broken links, missing images and contact data accuracy. Good web hosting eliminates many scripting errors and makes websites available for many simultaneous visitors.