Ara Math for Kids program

1. Great Tool for Learning

Ara Kids Math Trainer is visionary program for training kids' math skills. First math exercise may start with easy operation as 3+1 and is well suitable for kids in kindergarten age.

Ara Math for Kids software allows exercising with individual pace, adjusting math exercises flexibly for kids' individual math abilities. Kids Math exercising game supports visionary idea, that kids are actually able to learn faster that it is expected by old-fashioned school programs. The future of math learning will be definitely faster, individually oriented and all math exercising programs will have good adjustability for fitting individual math skills level. Surely, you may think this math learning concept is hard to implement in old fashioned math programs in schools' classroom teaching. Why not to just imagine math exercises in computer class and with little help of modern math software you will have all tools for futuristic school. Perhaps you already noticed that kids are more computer oriented than you expected. Kids need just Math Program, which offers them well adjusted personal challenge. It seems quite sure, that the program "Ara Math for Kids" is future oriented choice.

Kids Math software is adjustable

2. Adjustable Difficulty Level

Ara Math program allows easy adjustment of difficulty level. For greater learning experience, randomly generated first and second number limits are adjustable separately.

Unlike old-fashioned math worksheets, Ara Math for Kids exercises doesn't create artificial limits by classes, but encourage rather limitless growth with individual speed. For example, kid is starting with smaller numbers 10+5 and with couple of weeks these calculations seems already too easy. It is possible to adjust limits gradually higher by writing new numbers to the limits fields. For example after exercising few weeks, it is reasonable to raise limits to 20+10, then to 50+20 and so on. Important is to keep eye on kid and see the moment, when limits should be raised. Be cautious to raise limits moderately, because having too high numbers may frustrate kids and turn them away from learning. Most importantly, it is possible to adjust limits separately for different operation groups. Kids may have simultaneously add numbers within range of 100 and learn multiplying with 2 or 3 at same time.

Right variety of math operations

3. Select Math Operations

Math for Kids software allows to choose mix of operations to have proper level of challenge and modest variety at same time. For changing, click blue squares with cursor.

Each tiny blue square designates certain mix of operations. Each corner has "pure" operation without mixing it with others. For example top left corner is about adding, top right corner is for subtracting etc. There is possible to choose also mix of operations, for example 75% of adding and 25% of dividing. There are few aspects of choosing proper mix of operations. At first, it adds variety to the math exercises to have operations coming up randomly (within limits of shoosen preset) on each time. Secondly, mixing of operations helps to develop more flexible thinking with shifting from one operation type to another. At least as important is also introducing new operation types (like subtracting and multiplying) incrementally. For example it is possible to maintain kids confidence with having 75% of adding and having only minority 25% of multiplying operations. Each operation is generated randomly by the program (within given limits) and adds to math exercising some elements of game.

New methods for kids math teaching

4. Licence and feedback

Ara Math Training Program for Kids is available online for everyone, who is keen about basic math training. Ara Website Solutions Ltd. is dedicated developer of interactive web solutions.

Kids Math Exercising software is available for using to everyone with web browser and online connection. Author of the program may apply limitations to free usage at any time. Developer of program, Ara Website Solutions Ltd. has tested software during development process throughly. However, developer does not give any warranties nor take any responsibility for consequences of using the program. Current program is available "as it is". Separately of licence terms, professional feedback is still highly welcomed as it helps to develop software further. For sending feedback, please use contact form in the contact page of Ara Website Solutions website. Program is the subject of Copyright laws. Copying of program without written permission of developer Ara Website Solutions Ltd. is strictly prohibited.
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Math Exercising
Ara Kids Math Trainer enhances basic mathematics skills. Adjust limits and choose combination of operations (for example 75% adding and 25% subtracting) for most comfortable challenge.

Have great fun with mathematics.

Ara Website Solutions Ltd.

What kind of operations?
Choose operations composition. Upper left corner consists adding, second in upper row has 75% adding and 25% subtracting etc.
How large numbers you would like?
Determine by yourself, what will be largest numbers in operations. Mark limits for first and second element. For saving, push just the "Enter" button.

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clear memory is a Kids Math program, with flexibly adjustable difficulty for personally optimized math learning.